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Kyrgyz and Russian FMs on situation in Afghanistan

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February 12, 2019

Bishkek, Feb. 4, 2019. / Kabar /. In order to strengthen security in Central Asia, it is necessary to strengthen the CSTO stronghold in countering threats from Afghanistan, visiting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said in Bishkek at a joint statement for the press on the results of talks with Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Chingiz Aidarbekov.

He said that when the speech about the situation in Central Asia, there are threats emanating from Afghanistan. This is terrorism, drug trafficking and, in general, instability, which is fueled by the continued infiltration of terrorists from Syria and Iraq in Afghanistan.

“They move close to the borders of Central Asia. This requires increased security requirements, including the issues of the functioning of the CSTO base. We talked about ways to strengthen it as a stronghold of the CSTO in countering threats,” said Lavrov.

The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that the Russian side appreciates the attention that the President of Kyrgyzstan paid to the need for the earliest possible resolution of these issues.

Lavrov added that Russia actively supports the establishment of an inter-Afghan dialogue.

He noted that there is a unique platform – the “Moscow format”, where all five Central Asian countries, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Iran are represented and where the Afghan problem is discussed by the countries of the region, as well as by all sides of Afghanistan, including the Taliban.

“The dialogue between the government and the Taliban is inevitable. But some countries are trying to bend under themselves and lead behind the scenes. In particular, the United States recently met with the Taliban in Qatar,” the minister said.

In turn, Foreign Minister Chingiz Aidarbekov said that Kyrgyzstan supports all initiatives that are aimed at a peaceful settlement of the situation in Afghanistan.

“For its part, Kyrgyzstan, by virtue of its possibilities, participates in various projects that contribute to the socio-economic and internal political situation. This question is the subject of discussion of different dialogue sites. And we support the site that Sergei Lavrov proposed,” he said.



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