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Anti-Chinese rallies were aimed at undermining relations between the two countries – Chinese Embassy

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February 12, 2019

Bishkek, Feb. 8, 2019. / Kabar /. Slogans voiced at anti-Chinese protest actions in Bishkek are not true, Chinese Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Xiao Qinghua told at a meeting with journalists.

Commenting on the anti-Chinese protest actions in Bishkek, he noted that during these protests there were incorrect interpretations of Chinese policy in Kyrgyzstan.

“There was a lot of fuss about projects, loans from China, about the number of Chinese citizens who are in Kyrgyzstan. I drew attention to the way the media in the Kyrgyz Republic write, where they talk about Chinese expansion. There were words about a debt trap. I read slogans and appeals that were voiced at rallies. In the light of these events, I wanted to say something to make the people of Kyrgyzstan understand China. To make Kyrgyzstan understand about the Chinese friendship with China,” he said.

“First of all, I would like to emphasize that these figures, which led the protesters, as well as statements and information do not correspond to reality. They are not grounded. If we talk about the history of our friendship, then you know better than me that Kyrgyzstan, that China since ancient times has been living in neighborhood and friendship. From time immemorial, our ancestors were friends. We are bound by it. In the new era, the ancient Silk Road acquired a new image. It gave us new opportunities to be even closer. And now, I think that the Chinese-Kyrgyz relations are on the threshold of new successes, undertakings and accomplishments. Because in 27 years since independence of Kyrgyzstan, in terms of bilateral relations, many positive successes have been achieved. This friendship has brought tangible benefits to the parties,” the ambassador added.

Touching upon the political image, Xiao Qinghua noted that Kyrgyzstan and China have a high level of political mutual trust, this is the basis, this is the foundation for the implementation of multi-profile cooperation.

“More than 100 contracts and agreements were signed that have invested a solid legal basis for the development of multi-faceted interaction between China and Kyrgyzstan. We have good traditions, many visits between leaders. These visits play a key role in strengthening friendship and cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and China,” the diplomat noted.

Xiao Qinghua stressed that after the visit of the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbay Jeenbekov to China, the leaders brought the bilateral relations to a qualitatively new level – a comprehensive strategic partnership.

“This suggests that both sides attach great importance and attention to each other,” the ambassador noted.

In addition, Xiao Qinghua said that Kyrgyzstan and China will remain close neighbors, reliable partners and eternal friends.

In addition, the diplomat stressed that China will continue the assistance that has been provided to Kyrgyzstan.

He believes that the past anti-Chinese rallies were aimed at undermining relations between the two countries.

“They have not achieved their goal, as President Sooronbay Jeenbekov emphasized. We highly appreciate his statement and what he said recently. China will continue the friendship that was and will be,” the ambassador added.



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